Wiring Diagram for Early 912


The diagrams found here are for 1965-1967 912 cars. In later years the electrical systems began to get more complicated with the addition of circuits for a heated rear view window, an optional rear window wiper, smog related engine controls and a fresh air blower in the instrument panel. The diagrams here do not include those items.

We have several wiring diagrams saved on the server that are actually useful:

  1. The best is a layered PDF file (157K). The layers can be viewed separately and have titles such as "Turn Signals", "Head Lights" and "Horn". There are 14 layers. Layers can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 and above. To upgrade the the latest version of Acrobat the Adobe web site. This is cool technology! The natural print size of this document is 46 x 32 in. and at least one person has printed it full size on a 36 in plotter and says it looks very good.
  2. Here is a flattened PDF (160K) file for Acrobat 5. I've printed this one on letter size paper and it produces perfectly readable diagrams.
  3. The PDF file was flattened, shrunk, rasterized an converted to a GIF file (164K). This one can be views on the screen with some success.
  4. Here is a scan of the original wiring diagram that came in my factory engine manual. It is pretty big at 3740 x 2093 pixels or 17 x 11 in at 180 dpi and 925K bytes in size. It takes a while to down load. It's advantage is there are not mistakes on it that may have crept into the files that I created above.

The PDF files were created with Adobe Illustrator CS® that came with an upgrade to the Adobe Photoshop CS® program that was recently released. I use Photoshop for all my image preparation. The wiring diagram was used as a real project for me to learn how to use Illustrator CS.
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