Chassis Dynamometer

crw_6916 Zeke Duge, the president of the 912 Registry hosted a BBQ and and dynomometer day at his ranch, well attended by Southern California 912 friends ...more
crw_6931 Here is Scott Douglas' 912 mounted on the mobile dynamometer. Dave Evans of Evanspeed Dyno Service spent the day at the Duge Ranch running curves on 912 and 912E cars. ...more
crw_6932 One does not want the car to move off the dyno when it is under power. Here is how the front is secured.
crw_6933 Here are the rear wheels on the rollers.
crw_6941 Here we see another 912 set up for a run with the electronics on the left. There is an emissions sniffer in the exhaust pipe and connections to the ignition system in the engine compartment.
crw_6942 Dave is getting out of the car after the calibration run. Not shown in these pictures is the fan that is used to help cool the exhaust system.
dyno_0 This graph is summary information indicating the critical data from the dynamometer run. It shows a peak torque of 92 ft-lbs at 3000 RPM and peak horsepower of 85 at 5750 RPM.
dyno_01 Corrected values.
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