Dunkels Feb 2004


Asha and I flew into Los Angeles after a trip to Tahiti. She came home. I rented a car and met with Jeff Trask and the Southern California 912 crowd at the Dunkels car show and swap meet. This has been a very popular event for a number of years. The Dunkels folk are moving to another property, so this will be the last time the event is held here.

People from all over the country come to it for it's selection of display cars, Parking corrals for the major Porsche sub-groups and an excellent swap meet.

To drop a few names, we spoke to:

  • Don Marks from Amity, Oregon, a rebuilder of distributors for early 4 cylinder Porsches.
  • Dale Miller past PCA National Historian and former Director of the Collier Automotive Museum in Naples, Florida. We talked about the history of their 356SL.
  • Dean Polopolus, well known for converting 911 engines to 4 cylinders.
  • Del Sessions. A prominent 356 restoration body man from the bay area. His shop did the front pan restoration on my 912.
  • Duane Spencer, well known mechanic and author of several books on 356 and 912. Duane now lives in the Lake Shasta area in Northern California.

912 Parking

040201-5112 The 912 group has the 'parking concession'. We gave the initial directions where like cars should go to be parked together. RGroupe, 356, display, early 911, other and of course the 912s. Throughout the day approximately 58 912 were on the lawn. When the call goes out the Southern California people can create an impressive display.
040201-5080 The 912 'Zebra' car was on the gravel. This is a theme car made like a Africa Rally car. Other 912s in the foreground.
040201-5008 I heard there were over 600 Porsche cars at the show either on the property or surrounding parking lots. Parking space was so dear that a 356 was stood on end, a couple more were on top of the building and the Zebra car was on the gravel. Here we have a sea of Porsches, 912s in the foreground.

Swap Meet

040201-5012 There is a warehouse somewhere with a lot of Porsche 4 cylinder industrial engines. Here is one sitting in front of a stack of boxes with others.
040201-5016 How about a Furhmann engine look alike fan shroud for your engine project. Might be great for that Beck replica.
040201-5020 Manuals, electrical things and stuff.

Dunkels Museum

040201-5107 The Dunkels have been involved in racing for many years and are Porsche fans. One of their 356 is shown in front of a Porsche tractor.

Special Cars

040201-5119 A beautiful 904.
040201-5030 Ex Otto Zipper 906 Carrera.
040201-5036 356 America Roadster. The early U.S. Porsche distributor Max Hoffman commissioned these cars for the American market. They were virtually unknown in Europe.
040201-5044 One of the Porsche Indy cars was at the show, fully restored.

Special Attractions

040201-5138 Dean Polopolus
040201-5136 Dean's casting for a 4 cylinder case and a crankshaft that uses a custom crankshaft and 911 engine components.
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