I am an amateur mechanic who knows nothing about moving parts on an automobile, let alone which end of a socket wrench to hold. Anyone who follows my lead definitely needs professional help either to have their head examinded or at least they should take their car to a mechanic trained and certified for such demanding and technicaly challenging work. Just because it seems prohibitively expensive and you are tired of being ripped off by incompetants is not an excuse to do the work yourself. I brave life and limb every day by driving my car after attempting my own repairs. Asha sees me spend hours in the garage for the simplest adjustment on my 912. I'm surprised she has not had me committed. Instead, I suspect she is quietly increasing the accident insurance benefits and if not, she should be.

Even the photographs have been manipulated after exposure, thus their content and accuracy should be treated with extreme suspicion. It has been said that photographs lie and those on this site certainly should be considered to fall into that category irrespective of what the photographer intended.

This web site should be considered as content free, nothing useful being contained herein.

-- Dave Hillman
Last modified: Mon, 17 Oct 2005


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