Details of a Dirty Car

What does my car look like up close - other than dirty?


030624-2888 The lower corner of the vent window showing the drip deflector.
030624-2889 Upper hinge of the vent window.
030624-2890 On early cars there is a bolt on deflector. Later versions had this feature cast.
030624-2892 There are two socket head screws under the rubber caps that hold the window frame to the door. There is another at the bottom of the door.
030624-2894 This is the door latch on the drivers door, but not the original one.
030624-2903 The vent window latch and door lock.
030624-2902 Door handle. The design of these as varied over the years of production.
030624-2909 Driver's side mirror. I've now changed the mirror to a Talbot Jr.
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