CSRG Races September 26-28, 2003

I went to Sears Point to see the CSRG races the weekend of September 26, the guest of John and Petey Thornton and their son Eli.

Mechanical Picnic

The mechanical picnic is an opportunity for guests to ride in the race cars just before the lunch break between morning practice and the afternoon races.
030927-3845 Eli Thornton handles part of the starting grid duties at the races. Here he is getting a ride in Mike Heffernans 1954 Jaguar XK 120.
030927-3849 On the grid for the first ride of the day is John and Lisa in #902.
030927-3853 Our own Ken Brown also got a ride in #902 as did his son Alfred, here getting into Ed Matsuishi's 1965 911.

912 Guests

030927-3804 We had good support from the 912 community. The front row were Ken Brown and my 912. Next row was Ponce's pickup (both his 356 and 912 are in repair), Lisa's coupe and Jerry Hansen's targa.
030927-3867 This is a nice 1965 912 that we've seen for the first time. It was spotted on Sunday in the Ledson Winery parking lot.
030927-3869 Notice the signed Nardi steering wheel and the painted dash.

Race Cars

030923-3815 Pete Giddings 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C-35.
030927-3818 I looked at this car and thought it had been painted since seeing last time at the 2003 Palo Alto Concours.
030927-3820 Pete smiled and said no, this is his other Alfa 8C. The two of them have adjacent serial numbers.
030926-3876 Joe Liebsack's 1967 Alfa GTA. This car has show car quality finish. Just beautiful.
030927-3874 This is an aluminum body factory race car. You can see rivet heads along the door sill.
030927-3873 The engine on Joe's Alfa.
030927-3814 Wyn Roberson checking the tire pressure after the morning practice session.
030927-3799 Ed Matsuishi's 1965 911. This is an interesting car. It was race prepared by the factory in Europe, raced there, then imported to the west coast US as a race car, successfully competing in SCCA events owned an driven by Walt Maas.
030927-3800 Ed bought the car from Walt and then used it as a commuter car for 25 years and finally has turned it back into a successful vintage race car.
030927-3796 The engine has just been 'freshened'. Here it is warming up in preparation for the morning practice session. Note, it is a dual plug racing engine.
030927-3803 #902 and Ed's 1965 911 warming up for the morning practice session.
030928-3934 #902 exiting turn 11.
030928-3939 #96 exiting turn 11.

Other Sights

030927-3835 We often see cool camping trailers at the Palo Alto Concours and there are always fancy mobile living quarters at the races, but this was the first time we've noted such a nice antique as this one.
030927-3836 Ready to prepare the morning breakfast. The space inside is six feet in length and has flat fitted cushions that provide a bed.
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