CSRG Races at Thunderhill May, 2003

My brother Rick and I drove up to Thunderhill for the Saturday session of the May CSRG races. Thunderhill is about 3 hours north of San Jose at Willows, CA just off Interstate 5 between Sacramento and Redding. This was our first trip to this course.
l72-05 Mr. RPM and his portable welding shop. This is an interesting business. If we need some welding done, the welder makes house calls.
l72-10 At lunch time was a special relay race which where each car was supposed to make 4 laps and then the next car would go.
l72-13 A bit of confusion in the pits for the relay race.
c10-02 The Chrysler team changed drivers for the relay race, here talking a bit of strategy.
l73-19 The special featured group was Formula 1 cars. They are earsplittingly loud. You can see why when looking at the engine of this V12 Alfa Romeo. No mufflers.
l72-15 The green Tyrrell in the forground was the fastest car on the track.
c10-11 Helping one of the F1 drives fitted into his ride.
l72-19 An interesting and tiny Le Grande BMW Formula 4 with a 60 hp BMW motorcycle engine.
c11-01 Grid for the
c11-03 An early lab through the down hill at turn 5 showing the two 912 racrers, John Thorton in #902 leading Wyn Robertson in #14.
c11-05 The track snakes past the other side of the pit area. The order had changed by the time we got there for this picture.
c11-10 Lot's of advice while working on a Lotus Super 7.
l72-18 Bob Webster's McLaren getting the tire lock nut tightened to 310 foot pounds with one of the world's larger torque wrenches.
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