CSRG Weekend in Black & White

One of my cameras usually has black and white film. Here are some shots from the CSRG race week end.
l70-01 Hey, he is using the same kind of a camera as me!
l69-19 Captain Marco's 1938 Austin 7 Special.
l69-22 WOOOOOO! Gorgeous black Ferrari street car.
l70-03 Alfa spyder
l70-04 Peter Inshaw's 1967 Alfa GTV
l70-06 Side draft Webers feeding the DOHC 4 cylinder Alfa engine.

Pre-War BMW 328

There were two of these exquisite cars in the pre war group.
l70-08 Checking the valve adjustment before the race.

Seminary Guest House

Petey Thornton arranged for us to stay at the Seminary Guest house, a real Victorian that has been remodeled and upgraded in the last couple of years. As you may be able to see, it is spectacular.
l69-13 We could have accommodated 4 other couples with us for the week-end.
l69-05 Living room at night.
l69-08 Early morning light.
l69-07 The stairway leads to 4 bedrooms upstairs.
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