CSRG Races March, 2003

We spent the weekend at Sears Point for the CSRG races, the guest of John and Petey Thornton, the owner of the #902 912 race car. Each of the CSRG races includes a special race for another group. This race featured the PreWar Racing Group.

#902 Racing


A Black and White Series


Pre War Group

c06-23 Pre-grid for the pre-war racing group.
c06-18 1938 Austin 7 Special
c06-20 1939 BMW 328
l68-14 1932 Alfa 8C 2300
l68-07 1939 BMW 328
l68-12 1920 Falls Eight
c06-15 Mark Sange's Austin 7

Group 2

Production cars. This is the most fun group to watch, with '60s cars including Mustangs, 900 series Porsches, Alfas, and Corvettes.
c06-12 #902 with wheel lifted in turn 7. John was turning 2:07 laps during this qualification run.
l68-01 Pat Costinton's #901. The fastest lap for this 911 was 2:04 during for the Saturday group 2 race.
l68-24 1967 Lola T-70 coupe
l68-26 I had the opportunity to go on the mechanical picnic in #902 on Sunday. We followed this Lola around the course for several laps. He was not driving very fast, but could pull away from us at will.

Group 5

Sports Racing Group
l68-16 One of the many Lotus 23. This one a 1963 Lotus 23B.

Mechanical Picnic

l68-19 Mechanical picnic start grid with Cary Dunn the passenger. Cary, a 912 owner, was visiting from Tennessee.
c07-03 Cary and John ready for a nice Saturday drive.
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