CSRG Race at Sears Point

A Classic Sports Racing Group (CSRG) race was held at Sear Point, April 22-24. This group is one of a number of vintage racing clubs in the country and is based in Danville, CA. The cut off date for vintage cars in this group is Dec 31, 1967. Only SWB 900 series cars participate.

John Thornton is a member of this group and invited us to see the race at Sears Point. There are a couple more pictures of this car in the gallery while taken while it was being built.

I managed a few digital pictures around is paddock area and learned a lesson about using fresh film for the other camera which turned out to be a total bust - the first roll I finally just threw away finding nothing salvageable. It was too bad because the whole roll was taken at this event.

There are more pictures of the car in preparation at these locations:
020324-861 This is a beautiful car and deserves to be shown on the Zone 7 concour tour and particularly at the Carlson Concours in August.
020324-853 It was built by Parts Obsolete in McMinnville, Oregon.
020324-856 Wyn Robertson has been racing 4 cylinder Porsches since the 1960s.
020324-847 Wyn talking to John while two of the Parts Obsolete crew (Rod and Gary Emory) help to start the car for the morning practice run.
020324-850 It's running...
020324-859 The car weighs less than 1800 pounds, even with the roll cage. It doesn't look that sparce, having a full carpet, two full front seats and normal steel doors and fenders.
020324-860 "912 R"
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