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Testing the Output


Then, with the ammeter clipped to the D+ line from the generator I started the car and checked the ammeter. No matter what RPM the max current was 12 ampere. This morning while gathering the pictures for this report, the current was about 5 amperes as shown. Certainly no risk to the generator from the measurements I've seen so far.

It is also interesting that the generator light acts differently than before. At idle the generator light is quite bright. About 1200 RPM, the light goes out. Not dim, but out. Even with the lights on. This is different than the stock regulator where the light was dimly lit, particularly noticeable at night.

But do you risk burning out the generator with this thing? Apparently not. First it is recommended by Bosch, so they don't think it is a problem. Second, on the box, on the unit or the instructions there is no mention of current limits. I think they have added some electronics in the unit that measures battery voltage to much more accuracy than the old units and limit the current drawn as a result. Does this mean you can be safe in drawing too much current with your car with some combination of stereo, high powered head lights? The answer has to be no. I turned on the lights and did not see any increase in current drawn from the generator, but that was when it was drawing 10-12 amperes - enough for the car and the lights. But really, I don't have a way to test this case. Of course, my Optima battery is not a worn-out die-hard, so the regulator works well with other good components. Who knows what would happen otherwise.
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