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Box for the New Regulator


Here is the box for the new Bosh 9 190 040 099E regulator, delclaring it to be the 'New Generation' with instructions inside in spanish. I did go to the trouble attempting to 'translate' the instructons (Don't laugh):

1. Disconnect the battery

2. Asegurese that the connectors of vehiculo are free of oxidos, dirt and false contacts

3. Segun connects tip "D+" verifying the order of the washers fig.1

4. It mounts the regulator to the chassis verifying that the earth connection is screwed simultaneamente with the regulator.

5. Connect the (s) terminal (it is) female of pressure of 9,5 mm (3/8) to the wild double (B) of the regulator asegurese that the contact is firm, in opposite case tightens with the clamp the (s) terminal (it is) segun fig 2

it is fundamental to assure a firm contact in these terminals to avoid damages to the electrico system

6. connect terminals "DF" and "61" verifying that they have a good one tightens, in opposite case it tightens the terminals with a clamp segun

7. Turn the ignition key, verifying that the indicating center of caraga in the board ignites, if does not ignite verifies the electrica installation

8. Take the motor and you accelerate, verifies that the indicating center of load in the board apage, is not extinguished polarizes the generator.

In order to polarize the generator:

With the installed and connected regulator, the motor in march. With a cable section isolated and blunted 16 caliber or minor, it approximadamente makes a short circuit between terminal "D" and "B" during a second. The center must be extinguished and when clearing the short circuit must be dull, in opposite case it verifies the electrica installation and/or the generator.
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