Cowl Restoration

The lip in front of the cowl is badly damaged from rust.
020504-1064 This shows some additional rust damage in the front drivers side cowl. The channel which holds the rubber seal has rusted enough to penetrate the metal under the seal and has now spread enough to be visible.
020604-1180 After the hood was set aside, the rubber hood seals were ripped off. Not only is there some perforated area under the cowl, but there are a couple of places on the fender channels that are beginning to go. It is not clear at this point if there is any perforation of the metal, but it sure looks ugly.
020604-1181 There is perforation here. There is also evidence of an attempt to seal the area with some body putty. Obviously it was not successful.
l51-10 Mick scraped on the channel and found some body putty. Obviously the PO had made an attempt to stop the rust in this area. Ultimately failed.
l51-11 This strip came out from between the fender and the cowl. It is designed to stop rust and Mick claims it often starts rust as the fender and cowl work against each other as the body flexed. He uses vasoline on the strip when putting it in to give the pieces a chance to slide a bit without destroying the paint.
020712-1311 The donor car for the cowl.
020621-1257 The new cowl. This is the view from the windshield side.
020625-1276 The new cowl after chemical stripping.
020625-1277 The donor cowl after chemical stripping. Further cleanup is done with media blasting.
020621-1258 Cowl area after removal. Shows the air intake which was beginning to be contaminated by the rust from the hood seal lip. This is only some surface rust which can be sanded clean.
020621-1261 Detail of attach point for cowl.
020625-1275 After old cowl is cut out. The windshield and dash cover has been removed.
020628-1290 The donor cowl after it is welded on to the cowl.
020708-1294 The hole in the cowl has now been filled in by MIG welding in a patch.
020708-1299 And here is the other side showing where the parts come together.
020711-1305 020711-1305
020718-1314 Here the paint tech is cleaning the cowl after wet sanding the primer.
020724-1321 The final result was painted according the the Glausarit formula for Aga Blue. You can see clearly how the lacquer respray on the hood and fenders has yellowed.
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