Swap Meet and Concours at Carlson, September, 2002

This years Carlson Porsche swap meet and concours was held at their new Redwood City facility on the same weekend as the German Auto Fest in Ventura and the Pacific Roundup, Vancouver, B.C. for 356 enthusiasts. I thought that the swap meet was a little thin and there were only 2 356 entered.
l64-19 However, there 5 912 shown and all took home trophies.
l63-21 John Thornton brought his #902 race car which had a steady stream of interested viewers.
l64-07 Front angle showing many interesting featurs.
l63-19 The engine on #902. Most details on the car stress light weight.
l64-02 Note the roll cage and head restraint.
l64-06 The lights on the roof were used at Le Mans to help identify individual cars at night.
l63-26 911R tail lights.
l63-15 Elva-Porsche
l63-12 Fuhrmann engine with horizontal fan.
l64-10 Four 912, ready for judging.
l63-25 Swap meet.
l64-16 Will, Lisa and Craig.
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