Swap Meet and Concours at Carlson, August, 2001

Here are some pictures taken with both the Leica and the digital camera of the Concours at Carlson Porsche-Audi. There were more cars in the Concour than last year, but no 912s.
l12-19 Carlson Porsche is in Palo Alto just off 101 near the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course and the airport.


080501_433 The only early 900 series car is Chris Roman's '71 911E, a first time Concour entry.
080501_436 Chris has had the car 25 years and it now has 82K miles.
l12-10 A tastefully customized 356 (I guess I'm not a purist).
l12-3 This year as in past years there were a number of race cars shown. This one caught my eye because of the play on words in the label on the turbo filter.

Swap Meet

l12-4 Gabe Szalay, the owner Strasse, showing some new H4 headlights. Robin is at the back of the booth, trying to ignore the camera. She used to own a 912, one of the reasons that they are able to help 912 owners well.
l12-6 The front end of a 901 transmission. Note the oil seal around the shifting shaft. This seal leak in my car. It looks like it could be replaced without pulling the transmission.
l12-8 Some nice Nardi steering wheels with some wheels in the background. There were a lot of wheels for sale.

For Sale

080501_438 There are always nice cars for sale at our local Concour/Swap meet events and this was not an exception. The one that caught my eye was this 1975 911 that was restored in '96. Transmission rebuilt, new paint, and a 3.0L engine from a '76 911SC. He is asking $12,900.
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