Carlson Zone 7 Concours 2000

I went to this event with Thomas Dyall, my wifes grand nephew visiting from Reunion Island. There was one 912 entered in the concours and two more for sale that I spotted in the parking lot.


235-328-18 Ken Brown who we met at the 2000 Monterrey concours is talking about his car to an admirer.
235-328-19 Detail showing the 4 screw version of the horn grill.
235-328-17 This is the first tool kit I've seen.
235-328-22 A newly restored 908 was at the concours. They are starting the car in the picture with a couple of judges looking on.
235-328-23 Engine room of the 908. 8 cylinder power.
235-328-12 There were two 912 in the parking lot, both the same color, same wheels. One was a 66 and the other a 67. Here is the 67. This is the same color and year as my first Porsche back in 1971.
235-328-14 Front bumpers have no end caps - but the rear bumpers do. Note the painted wheels. Again, this car is very much the same as my first Porsche.
235-328-15 Rear bumper end cap detail. I have one battered end cap that would be for the rear, but it is not mounted on the car.
235-328-25 The back parking lot of the Carlson dealership was devoted to swap meet. I picked up a couple of small items.
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