Carburetor Rebuild

Under Construction The carburetors on my spare engine were running poorly, so I decided to put a kit in the old ones and to use them instead.
030724-1871 Top view
030724-1877 Accelerator pump side
030724-1880 Float bowl side
030724-1883 Bottom view
030724-1886 Underside of the top plate
030724-1892 Float parts
030724-1901 After removing accelerator pump cover
030724-1904 After removing accelerator pump membrane. Shows the spring that pushes the membrane back out after a stroke.
030724-1895 Accelerator pump cover, membrane, spring and screws.
030724-1898 Accelerator pump membrane taken apart
030810-3426 Test setup using an electric fuel pump to fill the float bowls without running the engine. Can check for major leaks at the same time.
030810-3428 Using a straw to watch the float go up and down as the float level is changed. The screw just below the banjo fitting on the left adjusts the float level. If the screw is screwed too far in, it can bend the adjustment mechanism.

On the right side of the picture, just below the SOLEX in the top plate, a bolt has been removed. This bolt has a rectangular cut out that shows where the gas level should be set. If the float is too high, gas will come out this hole. Too low and it will not. If the adjustment screw is all the way out, the float is high and gas will come out the hole.

There is a (dirty) rag under the carb to catch the gas that spills out of the float chamber.

To adjust, the fuel pump should be on. Turn the screw in until the gas level reaches the bottom of the cutout.
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