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Setting Digital Rev Limiter


All settings can be done externally through the rotary switches on the front of the rev limiter. A white dot on the rotary portion of the switch indicates the switch position. Use a small flat blade or Phillips screwdriver to make adjustments.

  1. Rotate the cylinder selection switch to 4.
  2. The Digital Rev Limiter is not designed to be used as a governor. If the limit is set too low, and the engine RPM is allowed to push up against the rev limit, failure to the Digital Rev Limiter or engine may result. Choose a desired rev limit. The Digital Rev Limiter has a 100 RPM resolution. This means that the rev limit can be set between 100 and 9900 in increments of 100 RPM. A typical limit would be 5500 RPM. By turning both switches to 0, the rev limiter is rendered non-operational.
Last modified: Sun, 17 Jul 2005


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