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Equus 3568 Digital Timing Light


912 engines should be timed at the upper end of the distributor RPM scale, not at the bottom at idle. Above 3000 RPM, the 050 distributor does not change very much in advance with increasing RPM. The weights are near their limit of travel. Duane Spencer recomends 30 degrees of advance above 3000 RPM. Since we can not adjust the advance curve, the procedure is to let the idle end of the curve fall where it may.

The Equus 3568 is a $100 instrument that reads out the Advance setting and the RPM. Buttons allow you to turn on and off the strobe, and zero, increase or decrease the advance setting.

The procedure is to set the advance to 30 degrees, increase the speed to 3000 RPM and twist the distributor to place the OT mark on the pulley to the mark on the generator stand. You'll need to prop the light so you can see the read out and the strobe is illuminating the pulley. Then one hand can hold the RPM and the other can twist the distributor. The instrument articulates to help with this procedure.
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