Bay 912 Anniversary Meeting Feb 2003

Our first meeting was Feb 9, 2002, at the Coyote Creek Golf course. There were 7 cars and 9 owners at that one. Now a year later 20 cars and several additional owners and others interested in these old 912s showed up for breakfast at McCarthy Ranch in Milpitas, Feb 9, 20003.


wi-0410 20 912's showed up.
rh_l08-11 Will Itner's '67 Coupe with Don's white targa reflected.
rh_l07-04 Don Melcher's '69 Targa
rh_l08-01 Dave showing George and Tim the new urethane film bra.
rh_l08-02 Yum. Tan interior on Wally's coupe.
030209-1725 Gabbing about 912s.
030209-1731 912s from Bob Anderson, Tim, Brian and TJ.
030209-1734 Brian's new 912 just imported from Washington.
030209-1740 Very nice gray's. A '67 and a '69.
030209-1753 3 shades of green.


wi-0424 Breakfast - all you can eat for $7.50.
030209-1744 030209-1744
030209-1746 030209-1746
c05-11 Ken and Brian
c05-13 Jerry
c05-15 Don, Wally and George
c05-18 Erik and TJ
c05-19 Will and Lisa
dina dina


rh_l07-02 Smog Pump
rh_l07-12 George's '67
wi-0417 Early air filters on TJ's coupe.


rh_l08-08 Several 912E in the group.
rh_l07-10 Lisa's '69 tool kit.
030209-1752 Fuses on a towel.
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