Bay 912 Breakfast Jan 2003

The Bay 912 group got together for breakfast on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at McCarthy Ranch. 11 cars showed up plus the owners of 3 more. A very pleasant morning.
030112-1668 Here are 10 of the 11 cars. That's my blue car out of place near the end of the row.
030112-1665 For the first time we see Jerry Hansen's '68 Targa - and a couple more that I neglected to single out.
030112-1662 Jerry drove down to join us from Napa.
030112-1659 His car still has the original smog equipment on the car although the belt is not hooked up to the pump.
030112-1674 Bob Anderson bought an 055 distributor with a Pertronix electronic points installed. Here is Bob and Brian Mendel installing it.
030112-1677 Ken Brown has a new license plate on his car.
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