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Amused by the thought of being seen on Dave's 912 site

After gathering briefly at the McCarthy Ranch, 5 912s drove together to Parts Heaven soon met by several others, including a 912 owner from Half Moon Bay who did not know about our group and was surprised and pleased to see us.

There were some new faces and some new cars to see and talk about. Most of us had a chance to explore the facility and bring home some parts.

Thanks to the guys at Parts Heaven for their hospitality.

Richard Chong's 1967 912. He has had this car over 30 years and it is in very fine condition.

The rear of Richard's car with Tom Gannon's '69 in the background.

Tom's car was displayed at Harrah's Auto Museum Reno from 1985 - 1990. This shot shows an after market tray that is available from one of the VW shops and fits nicely in front of the shift lever.

Here is a cross-section of the rocker panel of a 1970 911 showing 2 compartments, the inner one with a tube through which the hot air is piped. For this model, the tube looks like and undoubtedly acts like a muffler and an insulator for the hot air.

The open air part of the property is stacked with wrecks.

More wrecks.

A collection of salvage engines and transmissions.
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