Bay912.org First meeting - Feb 2002

Craig Norton

At the suggestion and organizational push of Craig Norton, a group of Northern California 912 owners met today at the Coyote Creek Golf course just south of San Jose to meet each other, breakfast, pictures and lots of discussion.

Several cars checked their speedometers against a handheld GPS. The usual report was 65 mpg indicated, 70 actual just like our car.

I thought it was well worth the time and look forward to more similar events.

The group has a bulletin board at http://bay912.org. The focus is Northern California with discussions about local meetings and local vendors, but everyone is welcome to visit and contribute.


Before I dug out the digital camera serveral of the participants had already left. Luckily Craig came to my rescue on the other those two. Maybe next time we should organize a formal picture taking session. We had 7 cars and 9 owners plus guests show up which was pretty good for after a three week notice.
020209-716 4 of 7 cars. I missed a couple and Blake was calibrating his speedometer when I took this group shot.
020209-718 Craig Norton's 1969
020209-725 Tom Gannon's 1969
020209-727 Bob Anderson's 1967
020209-733 Blake Gaderlund's 1967
Mike Mike from Santa Cruz 1969
Ken_Browns Ken Browns 1966
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