Argentina-Alaska - Following their Dream

Their son Pampas was born in North Carolina, a collection at a car show paid the $5000 hospital bill.

The best thing that ever happed was running out of money they said.

Broke another part in Cleveland, found a Rolls dealer and while there another customer walked in, overheard the conversation and said he had one, went home, got it and gave it to them.

I guess 1928 Grahams with wood spoke wheels and a top speed of 35 mph are really just fine for 3 continent driving adventures.

Silly us for not considering it.
030622-2839 That is Cande in the yellow top answering questions and selling Herman's books for $10 a piece.
030622-2841 More badges at they travel along.
030722-2838 Herman on the other side of the car. Cande describing their travels after unfurling the map.
030622-2837 God speed.

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