1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C-35

From the notes:

5013 is the only complete, original, surviving Tipo C 8C-35 in the world.

A Scuderia Ferrari works car, 50013 was raced at Monza, Modena, Brno Tunis, Monaco (twice), Bodapest, Nurburgring (three times), The Coppa Cieno (Livorno, Leghorn), Lucca etc.

Other team drivers include Dreyfus, Tadini, Farina, Bintacuda and Brivio.

Perhaps 50013's greatest success was when it was driven by the great Nuvolari to a miraculous victory at the Coppa Cieno. Contemporarily described as his finest drive ever, Nuvolari retired his Alfa Romero Tipo C 12C-36 after only two laps with a broken transaxle. Novolari arrived back at the pits on foot and had Pintacuda in his works 8C-35 (50013) pulled in. By the time Nuvolari got away in a car which did not fit him at all well, he was seven laps down on the entire field. Driving like a man possessed, Nuvolari overtook all his team mates, and the the rest of the opposition, including the entire Auto Union team, to an unbelievable win."

Other major Tipo C successes include the Tribpoli Grand Prix (first place Nuvolari), the Hungarian Grand Prix (first place Nuvolari), and Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix (first place Pintacuda), The Vanderbilt Cup (first place Nuvoari).
030622-2854 The front
030622-2856 The engine
030622-2861 Cockpit
030622-2863 Scuderia Ferrori badges
030622-2864 Suspension and Brake detail
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