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Generator Pulley Hub


When I got home, the pulley was running hot and the belt tension was loose. Hmmm. It was tightened as I always do.

A careful inspection showed the hub was not fully seated against the shoulder on the shaft. It would tighten properly, then under use, the hub would move closer to the shoulder and the belt would be loose again.

The shaft has a woodruff key that prevents the hub from turning relative to the shaft. When you remove the old hub, it is possible to drop the key. A magnet may help find it, or you can loosen the lower shield if you can get a screw driver on all 6 screws that hold it in place. I now carry a long screw driver and a magnet in my tool kit in the car.

I removed that hub and put on the new one, this time tightening the assembly with a 36 mm socket until the hub was seated firmly against the shoulder on the shaft. This was done with all the washers but not the belt. An impact wrench is good for this step so you do not bend the rear pulley shieve using a screw driver in the notch to keep the generator shaft from turning.
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