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Feed the Cable from the Back of the Tunnel


The cable is pulled out the back of the car because the diameter of the connector at the front is much smaller than at the rear. The cable is screwed to the speedometer, feeds through a hole in the trunk, behind the wooden plate at the driver's feet, through the tunnel and out the back to the take-off on the transmission.

Remove both ends of the cable, the seat, the carpet over the tunel, the gearshift, emergency brake handle, and the rear access cover. I like to remove the steering wheel as well which is easy with the Momo wheel.

Feed the speedo cable from the rear tunnel access hole. You can see the old speedometer cable with the ridges on it looping over the right hand heater cables. The cable will hang up along the way but it is easy to free until the end gets to the area of the shift lever.
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