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Cut Angle Aluminum into 26 Inch Lengths


Sports car racers often use Aluminum Plates (do a search for 'Longacre toe plate') to measure toe-in at the track. The plates are available commercially for less than $60. The plates are placed against the wheels on each side of the car. Each plate has a pair of slots cut in the side for tape measures to be stretched between them. If there is zero degrees of toein the distance measured at the front of the tire will be the same as the distance at the rear of the tire.

We can emulate that technique at home by cutting some 2 inch aluminum angle into a pair of 26 inch lengths. We found a 96 inch length of the material at Home Depot for $15. Plenty of material was left over in case we made a mistake on cutting or if by mistake we drive over one of the pieces.
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