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Todds 67 Restoration Project

Todd Miller

Ok, I have more time to drop you a note. I sent you a couple of
pictures that your probably not sure what they are for.

Well I was talking to Bill @ Restoration Design, where I got some of my "fab" parts. I explained what it is that he sent me and what I really needed. One part of confusion was the fender jointing panels got run just in front of the doors running top to bottom. What he sent me was a perfect fix, but the passenger side didn't match. He took the time out to explain to me that "one side" has a couple of "odd years". I guess my "67" is one of those years. What happen is the Drivers side has a good fit, running right over the old weld bead that I cut off. The bottom of my old ones that rusted away. That's another area about what you were talking about, where I should have looked for a "donor" body.

But Dave, How much fun! for I would not have if I didn't take on this project. I just found out from my buddy Doug (Miller) that he may need his welder back. That's if he has to replace a main horizontal beam on his Toyota pick-up. It is actually accelerating my time line where I need to get most of the "major" reconstruction moving. So please I may not be able to pick up with you for awhile, but rest assured that I will be making progress....progress.....progress..........

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