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Drivers Tail Assembly

Todd Miller

Here is a shot of the driver's tail light assembly are that I spent last Sunday working on.

The weather was nice and cool (still is), reminds me of the mild weather you have out their all the time.

I used cardboard as a template and then stuck the lens assembly in place to get the "right" fit. I used some more of the 20 gauge metal that I bought in 16x24 inch sheets. The drivers side was harder to do, because more rust and less metal to "tack" to.

For this last 2 welding areas, I have run out of gas so really I'm just tack welding here. Through the project I have developed enough skill that I could create enough heat that would self ignite the welding rod to give me a continuous burn. It doesn't look that pretty but I don't really care, no body is going to see it when I'm done.

It really has added the strength that I needed through here.
Last modified: Mon, 27 May 2002


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