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Drivers Side Rocker and Door Jam

Todd Miller

This is the drivers side jointing area where the new rocker mates up to the door jam area. I had to actually hang the door back on to ensure that I got the "right" line. That would be a fatal error if I was off on this measurement. I wouldn't be able to undo what I did. You know, the door wouldn't close. This was very challenging!

I had to prep the inside of the flared rear fender and cut fit and re-cut 4 pieces of 20 gauge metal stock. I purchased the 16 and 20 gauge metal sheets at a local farm/tractor store out here. They were cheap about 3-5 bucks a piece. The welding it self is very tricky here and I wanted to make sure you saw this. Easy to blow holes in this thin metal and difficult to adhere to the fender flare. You can't see it but there is a ridge line behind the original flare line where the old was cut out and the flare welded in. More on that when I start in on the body work.
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