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Truly enjoy your 912 Restoration page...and appreciate that you like Leica's too (mine was ripped off, but I'll get another).

Attached you'll find shot of my '67 912 SRW Targa (912ice.jpg) taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside of Asheville, NC. I took these just prior to deployment to Palmer Station, Antarctica two years ago.

I purchased my car over the internet in 1997 while working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. 35 e-mails, a few cash transfers and the deal was done. I was looking for a 912 Targa after owning a 911 Targa. After a lot of thought, a 912 better suited my mechanical abilities and I liked the fact that it was a short wheel base Porsche. Living in the mountains of NC, it's a hoot to drive.

Alas, a year after this shot was taken, the engine, died. On a simple 5th to 4th downshift at low revs and less than 50 mph, a sickening thud sounded from the engine bay. The crank had sheared and decided to ventilate the case. As I was set to make my second trip to Palmer Station (see www.mindspring.com/~bmwloco/palmer.htm), I started searching for a reputable Porsche engine rebuilder in my area.

2 months of search yielded no takers - no one wanted to rebuild the engine! Having heard of The Maestro, aka Harry Pellow, I decided to contact him and see if he would do a rebuild. He readily accepted and two days before departing for the ice again, I UPS's him my engine (148 pounds - UPS limit is 150).

In the Maestro's words, it was a "...turkey engine". Apparently Porsche 356 A, B, C & 912 parts were found! I asked what he would do in the same situation. In the end, I got stunning new engine. Prior to cranking it up, I found a NOS '67 on eBay. "Bitta" is now reading 6,000 miles. Prior to my current 14 month stint at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, I tucked her away in my garage for a long snooze.

As of last week, another 912 (black912.jpg) made it's home in my garage. Rick Bley of Taylorsville, NC was selling a very tidy black 1966 912 Coupe...new Webers, new Koni shocks, new Michelins. I told my work mate here, Jason about it. Two weeks of international phone calls and e-mails ensued, and now Jason is the proud owner of a nice vintage Porsche. He's planning on picking it up in January and driving it home to nice, dry Colorado. Pretty interesting...two 912s purchased from Antarctica.

So...now I have two classic 912's in my "Air Cooled" garage. And no, I'm NOT telling where it can be found ;)

Keep up the good work...and thanks again for a great site! If you want, you can use the images in your Gallery section.


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