Description of the Export - Type Heating System


Functional View of the Heating System

Functional Description

The entire fresh air mass enters through slots in the engine compartment lid (1). being drawn in by the cooling air blower (2). The air blower forces the air over the cylinders (3) where it is preheated, and on to the lower air ducts. When the heater is shut off, the air flows directly outside. When the heater is turned on (control lever -15- moved back), the air flows through a heat jacket into connecting hoses (8), dueling pipes (9), and silencers (10) into the passenger compartment. The following hot air outlet pairs are provided:

Windshield defrosting nozzles (11)

Rear window defrosting nozzles (12)

Leg area outlets through sliding gates (13) located adjacent to the front seats. In addition, independently of the car's heating system, ventilating outside air may be let in through the ventilating system (14) in front of the windshield.

When the heater is on, warm air enters the engine compartment through outlets (5). This warm air prevents carburetor icing and undercooling of the engine. The flow of air into the engine compartment is con- trolled by a thermostat.

Operating Description:

See description of 356B/T6 heater
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