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Engine Description - Bottom View

Fig. 5

The bottom view again shows the German edition of the 912 with different heater components including modified heat exchangers and muffler. This version was used for Sweden and Germany. The rest of the world recieved 'flapper boxes' patterned after the VW Beetle of the period. Notice also that the mounting system for the exhaust system is different with what appears to be connections to the third piece of the engine case.

Bottom View of Vehicle

  1. Transmission filler plug
  2. Transmission drain plug
  3. Transmission
  4. Clutch control lever
  5. Engine drain plug
  6. Oil strainer cover
  7. Crankcase
  8. Exhaust muffler
  9. Forward power train carrier
  10. Suspension control arm
  11. Heating air control gates
  12. Axle shaft
  13. Shock absorber
  14. Heat exchanger
  15. Tail pipe
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