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Finish Assembly

Fig. 42

  • 27. Install spark plugs.
  • 28. Install intake manifolds using new gaskets (clean the gasket surface).
  • 29. Insert blower housing with generator.
  • 30. Install cylinder shrouds.
  • 31. Install fuel pump shield.
  • 32. Fasten lower air ducts (Export heater).
  • 33. Install cylinder end shrouds.
  • 34. Attach oil lines to bypass oil filter and oil- pressure switch, check for leakage.
  • 35. Fasten generator strap, spin generator shaft to ensure that blower impeller is not binding.
  • 36. Install V-belt.
  • 37. Connect cable to Terminal I connecting coil and distributor.
  • 38. Install carburetors, throttle linkage, and fuel line.
  • 39. Install oil filler.
  • 40. Install air cleaners.
  • 41. Connect ignition leads.
  • 42. Install exhaust muffler, connecting with heat exchangers.
  • 43. Fill engine oil, run engine briefly and re- check oil level, replenish if necessary.
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