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Cross-Sectional View of Engine

Fig. 3

The figure shows a cutaway view of the engine with major items identified.

Cross-Sectional View of the Engine

  1. Clutch
  2. Flywheel
  3. Main bearing journal. Bearing 2
  4. Cooling air inlet
  5. Cooling blower impeller
  6. A ir blower housing
  7. Oil filler
  8. Generator
  9. Generator carrier
  10. V-belt
  11. Spacers, adjusting V-belt tension
  12. Bearing sleeve. Bearing 4
  13. Pulley retaining nut
  14. Flywheel gland nut
  15. Cylinders and pistons
  16. Camshaft
  17. Oil strainer
  18. Magnetic filtering el<
  19. Connecting rod bearii
  20. Oil suction tube
  21. Timing gear
  22. Oil pump
  23. Camshaft drive gear
  24. Distributor drive gear
  25. Crankshaft pulley
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