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Camshaft Gear Marking


  • 6. Check gear backlash over the entire circumference of the camshaft gear. Correct backlash, in assembled crankcase, between the camshaft gear and crankshaft gear is 0,015 - 0,04 mm (0.0006 - 0.0016 in). To measure, move gears back and forth while taking readings with a dial gauge and measuring the entire circumference of the camshaft gear,

    To facilitate proper backlash adjustment, camshafts are furnished with camshaft gears in five sizes.

    The camshaft gears are marked on the camshaft side with electrically inscribed or mechanically stamped identifica don num bers such as 0, +1, +2, -1, and -2, The numbers show, in hundreds of one millimeter, by how much the pitch circle radius differs from standard size (0); it identifies a standard gear 0, oversize of +1 or +2 (+ 1/100 or +2/100 mm), or undersize -gears.


    Do not confuse the number "0" with the timing mark "o" on the other side of the gear. The crankshaft gear is supplied in one size only and no identifica tion is necessary .
  • 7. Lubricate camshaft with graphite oil and install.
  • 8. Do not fail to install camshaft end plug.
  • 9. When assembling a new crankcase, check camshaft for snug but easy rotation; if necessary check camshaft bearings with machinist's blue and smoothen bearing seats in crankcase with a scraper.


    When installing a new camshaft gear ensure that the timing mark on the camshaft gear, its nearest mounting bolt bore, and the oil pump drive slot on the camshaft end align in an almost straight line.

    Before drilling the 5,8 mm ( 0.228 in) dowel pin holes, and tapering these from the camshaft side, check the gear for runout, The three dowel pins must be firmly seated in the camshaft gear and additionally secured by three punch strikes each. If necessary, install larger dowel pins which may be locally manufactured from high-grade steel. Torque retaining bolts to 2,5 mkp (18 lbs/ft).
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