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Flywheel Installation


  1. Inspect flywheel starter ring for serviceable condition of gear teeth; slightly pounded teeth may be dressed with a file.
  2. Check dowel pin seats in flywheel; if the seats appear peened, install a new flywheel.
  3. Check dowel pins in the crankshaft, replace if necessary.
  4. Use new soft iron gasket,
  5. Check and adjust crankshaft end play.
  6. Check pilot bushing in gland nut for wear.
  7. If the pilot bushing requires replacement, install new needle bearing with gland nut.
  8. Torque gland nut to 45-50 mkp (326-362 lbs/ft).
  9. Check flywheel for runout. Maximum lateral runout is 0.3 mm (0.012 in), measured in the middle of the clutch plate contact area. Maximum vertical runout is 0,1 mm (0.004 in). Note specifications in the table of tolerances.
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