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Install Timing Gear Cover


  • 14. Install camshaft end plug, seal with gasket compound.
  • 15. Secure valve lifters with P 49 retaining springs.
  • 16. Apply a thin, uniform coat of gasket compound to crankcase mating surfaces, Make absolutely certain that no gasket compound enters oil galleries of crankshaft and camshaft bearings.
  • 17. Join crankcase halves.
  • 18. Install o-rings and beveled washers fitted under cap nuts; position the washers so that the inside bevel faces the crankcase to accommodate the o-rings, Tighten cap nuts to 4 mkp (29 lbs/ ft),
  • 19. Tighten crankcase retaining nuts at camshaft end (flywheel side).
  • 20. Install timing gear cover.
  • 21. Tighten remaining crankcase retaining bolts to 3 mkp (21. 7 lbs/ft).
  • 22. Tighten timing gear cover retaining nuts to 2 mkp (14. 5 lbs/ft).
  • 23. Install new oil seal at Bearing 4 in timing gear cover,
  • 24. Turn crankshaft to check for free rotation.
  • 25. Install fuel pump insulating flange and fuel pump.
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