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Install Piston Pins


7. Insert piston pin retainer on the flywheel side first.

8. Inspect and install piston pin. The piston pin is held in the piston through interference fit. If the piston pin can be pushed into the cold piston by hand, use a pin of larger diameter. A color code marking inside the piston on the piston pin boss indicates the proper size of the piston pin, as follows:

white - 21. 997 -22. 000 mm
blue - 22.000-22,003 mm

Piston pin clearance in the connecting rod bushing is O. 020 - 0.036 mm (0.OOO8 in to 0.0014 in). If the clearance a pproaches the wear limit of 0.050 mm (0.002 in), fit a new piston pin into a new connecting rod bushing.

Install the cold, oiled piston pin in the piston which has been heated to 80 deg C (175 deg F) through immersion in hot oil or application of the e1ectric piston heater, in which condition the pin should slide into the piston under light pressure; the pin should be pushed through, to the pin retainer, in one continued move.

9. Install second pin retainer. The pin retainers must fit well in their groove within the piston pin boss.
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