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Check Ring Fit in Piston


5. Fit compression rings and oil scraper.

6. Check piston ring gap. This is done by inserting the ring into the cylinder and pushing it down, somewhat. with a piston. then measuring gap with a feeler gauge.

Applicable to all rings:

Ring gap 0.3 - 0.45 mm (0.012 - 0.018 in). Stagger piston ring gaps so that they are approx. 120 deg apart.

Piston ring side clearance is specified in the Table of Tolerances and Wear Limits (page E 95).

Piston rings must be installed with a ring expander to prevent piston damage or ring breakage.

Piston rings must be installed in the piston so that the "TOP" marking on the ring faces up, i. e., towards the piston top.
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