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Engine Description - Engine Lubrication System

Fig. 13

The engine oil supply is in the bottom of the case, normal with wet sump lubrication systems and unlike the 911.

Engine lubrication is effected through a forced feed system and includes an oil cooling provision.

The oil pump is situated in the timing gear cover and is driven by the camshaft. The oil is picked up from the lowest point in the crankcase and forced into the oil cooler and the oil galleries. Part of the oil is forced through the main bearings into the drilled oil galleries in the crankshaft and lubricates the connecting rod bearings. A second part of the oil lubricates the camshaft bearings, and still another part passes through the hollow pushrods to the rocker arm bearings, also lubricating the valve shafts. Cylinder walls, pistons, and piston pins are lubricated through oil splash. Oil draining from the points of lubrication collects in the bottom of the crankcase where it passes through an oil strainer and a magnetic filtering element, both entrapping foreign matter that may be suspended in the oil. A bypass oil filter additionally cleans the circulating oil.
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