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Changing Bypass Oil Filter


Bypass oil filter cartridges used in Porsche cars cannot be cleaned and have to be replaced when contaminated (normal replacement after every 10,000 km or 6,000 miles).

  1. Unscrew filter cover retaining bolt.
  2. Withdraw filter cover.
  3. Withdraw filter cartridge with a slight turn.
  4. Remove oil from filter housing (use a suction pump).
  5. Clean filter housing interior (do not use shredded rags).
  6. Insert new cartridge by turning it slightly.
  7. Insert new gasket into housing cover, properly position the cover on the housing. depress, and tighten securely.
  8. Check engine oil level.
  9. Allow engine to idle for a few moments.
  10. Check for oil leaks in filter housing body and oil line connections.
  11. Recheck engine oil level.
  12. Replenish engine oil to the top mark on the oil dipstick (use premium. grade HD oil).
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