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Remove Oil Pump


  1. Remove engine rear shield and intermediate shield between the air ducts.
  2. Remove crankshaft pulley.
  3. Remove crankshaft pulleys shield,
  4. Remove oil pump cover.
  5. Remove oil pump gears.


Follow reversed order

  1. Inspect oil pump housing, especially gear seating areas, for wear. Wear within the housing will result in decreased oil pressure.
  2. Inspect pump gears for wear. Gear flank clearance should be O.03 - O.O5 mm (.001 - .003in.). Axial play of gears in the housing, with gasket but without preload, is 0.035 - O.10 mm (.0014 - 0039in.). Wear limit 0.20 mm (. 0079in).
  3. Check shaft of driven gear for firm seating in the housing.
  4. Check sealing surface for oil pump cover (a t crankcase) for cleanliness.
  5. Place a straight edge across the face of the pump gears. Using a feeler gauge, measure clearance between the cover mounting flange in housing and face of gears, which should be 0.06- 0.l28 mm (. 0024 - .0050in).
  6. Use a new,- genuine gasket (0. 20mm = . OO8in) without applying gasket paste. Gasket thickness in excess of specification will result in decreased oil pressure.
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