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912 Engine Rear View


The engine shown is for a 1965-1966 SWB car and has the German heating system. There is no smog equipment on the car other than crank case ventilation from the oil filler can to the right hand head.

In late 1966 the motor mount changed from the flat plate shown to a U-shaped channel with 4 rubber motor mounts.

The arrow points to the engine serial number.

As you already know, there is great similarity between the 912 and 1600 SC engine. Thus you will find many familiar instructions in this Service Guide for the 912 engine.

Chassis design of the 912 Porsche is basically the same as that of the Type-911. Consequently, you may apply the workshop manual for the Type 911, in combination with this Service Guide for the 912 engine, to the 912 Porsche as well.

The choice of arranging your Porsche manuals is being left to your discretion. You may remove from your 911'Workshop Manual the chapter dealing with the 911 engine and replace it with this Service Guide for the 912 engine, thus having a complete 912 Workshop Manual; you may supplement your 911 Workshop Manual with this Service Guide for the 912 engine to have both types in a single book; or you may retain your 911 Workshop Manual and this Service Guide for 912 engines in separate books to have ample space in each book for the inclusion of notes and supplements.

The procedures, tool application and identification have, of course, been adopted from the 911 Workshop Manual.
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