Porsche 911

c338-530-08 Jerry Seinfeld 'First' 911, a 1964 911.
c338-016-24 Porsche factory show car.
c338-016-20 911 Rally car from the Porsche Museum collection.
c338-530-14 Jerry Seinfeld's 'Last' 911, a 1998 Carrera 4S.

1971 911ST

From 1970 to 1972, Porsche homologated 500 of its 911S in the GT Group 3 and Group 4 classes. The serial number for this one is 4xx of the series. It was built in 1971 and has the outside fender oil fill inlet characteristic of the 1972 model year 911. It was raced in Germany then purchased by a couple of American servicemen, brought back to the U.S. and raced here then became part of a collection in the North West and was idle for many years before being purchased by Dr. Bruce O'Neal.

Bruce Anderson has written about the 911ST.
030524_1826 The rules allowed fenders to be widened by 2 inches from stock for wider tires and for engine sizes to increase to the 2.5 liter maximum by increasing the bore.
030524_1827 The cars had an internal designation of 911ST and were the direct predecessor of the 911RSR.
030524_1828 Thinner sheet metal, fiberglass panels and some aluminum skins, lexan windows and the elimination of latches, decos, some lights, and sound proofing were items that contributed to a lighter weight race car.
030524_1829 This particular 911ST shares a garage with John Thornton's 912 race car #902 seen elsewhere on this site.
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