Porsche 910

The Porsche 910 designation is interesting because it is out of sequence with the other racing cars of the period, fit between the 906 and 907. The original 910 was a Bergspyder - a hill climb car - that was a revision of the 906 and the model designation probably came from the Olion-Villars car chassis #906-010. The cars were highly successful on the European hillclimb circuit in 1966. From 1967 through 1969 the 25 Hours of Le Mans was host to a series of 910s with 6 cylinder 2.0 liter 901 engines and 8 cylinder 2.5 liter engines.

The cars were lighter than the 906 by over 140 pounds with dry weights of 1200 lbs. The body shape was tested in the wind tunnel.
l72-12 The car had a removeable roof panel and front hinged doors unlike the the gullwing doors on the 906.
l73-13 This car was seen at the CSRG races at Thunderhill, May 2003.
l73-12 6 cylinder carbureted.
l73-14 There were 8 cylinder and fuel injected models made before the production run ended.
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