Porsche 906

The 906 came out of the 904 effort. The initial models were 904 chassis with 6 and 8 cylinder engines. 906-004 was the Bergspyder which was a factory hillclimb car in 1965.

Finally Ferdinand Piech took charge of the research and development department in 1965 at age 28. Their first effort was the 906 or Carrera 6. This car used 904 brake and suspension components and a tubular frame. The body was no longer a structural member and was hand layed up resulting in thin predictable weights. The Carrera 6 weighed 1,235 lbs, 250 less than the 904/6.

The new body was refined in the wind tunnel, the first use of this technique by Porsche. It had the spherical windshield that characterized many of the closed racing cars for years to come. The doors were gullwing and had a large sloping louvered Plexiglas rear cover over the engine. Elements of this design continued all the way through the 962 many years later.

The standard engine was the 901/20 6 cylinder, dual plug, magnesium case producing 210 hp from 1991cc.

65 Carrera 6's were constructed including models for homologation, and several fuel injected and 8 cylinder versions.

 # Chassis Year Driver/Owner Comments
 74 906-148 1966 Wade Carter, Otto Jackob 

c338-530-25 No. 7. Carrera 6 seen at Pebble Beach Concours.
c222-133-09 No. 74. Seen at Monterey Historics, 2000.
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