John Thornton's #902 Race Car Details

We spent a couple of days with John Thornton's 912 race car, #902. The last time the car was raced, it did not run well because of fuel starvation so John wanted to go through the carburetors.

On Nov 29, we jacked up the car and removed the wheels, removed the carbs and took one of them apart to soak in carburetor cleaner.

Jan 25, John installed and tested a new fuel pump, finished the carburetor installation and got the car running again. Final carburetor setup will be done one evening this week in time for racing school next week-end. This session will also test the car at speed before the first race in March.

March 15, we installed the passenger seat, bleed the brakes and made one more pass at setting the mixture controls on the carburetor.

Fuel Flow

The race car has an electric fuel pump on its own switch. One of the possible problems which could cause fuel starvation is the capacity of the pump.
030125-1689 A 5 gallon fuel container was dumped into the tank then pumped back out while checking the time.
021129-1537 Electrical fuel pump mounted behind steering rack.
030125-1686 The new fuel pump has a filter attached to the inlet to protect the pump mechanism from particulate matter.


Another possible reason for fuel starvation is contamination in the carburetors. They both were removed, cleaned and reassembled.
021129-1559 Under surface of carb top plate
021129-1560 Carb with top plate and float removed
021129-1561 Float


021129-1493 009 Dizzy and front case. A race car runs most of the time at full throttle or hard breaking. Although the 009 disty is not the best choice for a street car, it works well for the race car.
021129-1496 Oil breather catch tank mounted on the firewall
021129-1555 Polished intake manifolds.
021129-1556 Fuel pump replaced with oil breather tube. Oil pressure transducer.
021129-1558 High pressure full flow oil filter in the right rear fender well.
030125-1694 Oil Cooler in the front left fender well.
021129-1557 Push rod tubes, deep sump and spring catches for exhaust.


021129-1501 Brake fluid reservoir
021129-1513 Brake fluid reservoir with dual feed and overflow tube.
021129-1507 Overflow catch bottle
021129-1525 Front vented rotor and aluminum caliper.
021129-1528 Inner view of front brake caliper.
021129-1534 Master cylinder with rear brake pressure reducer.
021129-1546 Low fluid switch on dual master cylinder.
021129-1564 Rear brake with thin spacer.
030325-1804 Pressure fed brake bleeding system.


030315-1796 Trunk areas showing strut brace, fuel cell, battery, fuses, fire extinguisher and the pressure bleeder for the brakes.
021129-1504 Top of front shock tower.
021129-1516 Sway bar detail
021129-1522 Front sway bar fittings.
021129-1529 A-arm to cross member attachment.
021129-1540 Front ride height adjustment.
021129-1552 Center section of cross member. Note spacers to reduce bump steer.
021129-1563 Rear Koni shocks. Note adjustment knob at the bottom.


021129-1510 Fuse box
030315-1797 Battery

Fire Extinguisher

030315-1799 Halon bottle and one outlet in the front trunk.
030325-1801 Halon outlet in the engine compartment.


030103-1782 Passenger side seat belts.
030103-1783 Seat belt connection under the car.
030315-1793 Driver's seat.
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