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Gallery - Sean Cowan's 1966 912

Sean Cowan

Here is a note from a (soon to be) new 912 owner.

Hi Dave,

I am the soon to be owner of a 66 912, pictures attached. I am extremely lucky to get this car as a gift of sorts from my uncle who has one too many classic cars to keep at his house. It's mine with the condition that if I ever decide to part with it I have to return it to my uncle. His latest passion is a 65 Comet.

Sean Cowan

Anyway, I have been researching sites to get as much information as
possible on repair and maintenance. I must say as being a professional
Web designer myself that your site is truly the best 912 site out
there as far as design and content go. I began to work on my own site
which I will put live once I receive the car and begin work myself. I
doubt I will go to the extent you have, but you have served as an
inspiration for the site and more importantly the car. I am
particularly interested in your drivers door project page as my 912
has a similar if not identical problem I will have to fix. I will be
referring to the site often for all of the other info there as well.

Sean Cowan

I'm sure I will contact you again in the future with questions, etc. I
just wanted to drop you a note introduce myself and say please keep up
the good work. I look forward to using your site in the future.

On a side note, my father in law who will also be housing my 912 in his garage is also a digital photographer. He was a professional photographer her in Columbus a few years ago and has now taken up digital photography as a hobby. I just thought I'd pass along his URL so you could take a look. digital.photography.home.att.net

Thanks again, -- Sean Cowan

We are very interested in WEB design and raising the level of presentation and information available to the Porsche 912 community and hope to see your WEB site sooner rather than later! Thanks so much for checking in.
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